Other, Sound
Created as a short piece inspired by a photograph taken by Paul Mason. A lo-fi piece recreating the feel of winter and crunching on fresh snow. All the sounds in this track were originally sampled from a piano via a cheap microphone and sequenced together using Conway's Game of Life algorithm with the help of GlitchDS.
Web, Design & Development
WiiPlayer was designed as a better (unofficial) way to browse and view the BBC iPlayer content on the Wii. Written in PHP and designed utilising CSS/HTML optimised for the Wii Opera browser.
A Little Bit About Me
I'm a designer residing near Brighton in the United Kingdom. Currently interested in web design & development, photography, interaction design and working with sound. I've got my creative fingers in a lot of pies, as they say. I've been fortunate enough over the years to have some of my work exhibited around the country at events such as FutureSonic Festival / Manchester, Big Blip / Brighton and Optronica / London.